Interesting interview with IT exec

Check out Federal Government IT’s interview with Alan Balutis, an IT exec with 27 years of experience in government. You will get his view on what government needs to do to embrace 2.0 and deal with other pressing cybersecurity issues. Just go to for an interesting interview.

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Great interview, I like the use of ‘passionate lip service’ and I believe that 2.0 is gaining the critical mass it needs to serve as an enabler in government.

D. Scott Cobeen

great interview and responses…

I’m all about reusing…the efficiency of it all…He nailed it all regarding our DOD/Gov regarding the 2.0 anything tech.
My views only…because of the generational side effects and of course all of those in charge that just don’t actually use the 2.0 tools…rather having someone do it for them…

“Top leaders involved is rather limited. Government tends to go through one additional step between talking about an initiative and actually doing it”

Oh, some real human low level tech training would be well received (not another when you have time take an online course that does not actually answer questions) and if it is mandated to support the needs of change considering we no longer use the type writer…so to speak…

When we get that (leadership) to actually change (really use and leverage..all things 2.0) , then the top down of DOD will work as it should…Gee, what happens if we wait until 4.0 to just be getting the 2.0

Just my 10center
A believer in leveraging technology…not just using it.

Lauren Modeen

I like his final point “And I look for progress toward a government 2.0 model: agile, flatter, more connected, transparent, resilient, collaborative and accountable.”