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Have you ever heard of the phone called the Nokia Aeon? How about the Triple Flip that runs on Windows 7? There are just two of the many innovative ideas that have exploded onto the internet as well as various phone companies. Designers are hard at work finding new futuristic phone concepts to bring to us, and some, I have to say, are very neat looking. Others, well, could be better. Watch this 3-minute video, and see which ones catch your attention, for better or for worse. Or, you can watch it here

Some of the concepts, like the few we saw in the video that has a phone-like bracelet, seems brilliant, while others, like the Nibiru shown at the beginning, just seems a bit bulkier than wanted. But, all these ideas are coming from brilliant minds that are trying to shape our future, and from this, we can definitely see a bright future in smartphones, as well as general technology everywhere. If our phones can get this sophisticated, just think of how much more sleek our computers and tablets will be come.

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Chris Cairns

Some of those concepts are ridiculous. But, hey, hard to innovative if you don’t really think out of the box.