Internet of the Things You Can Do in Government IT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making a huge impact on the public sector and changing the role of everyday devices, from watches to thermometers. As government’s understanding of the IoT expands, agencies are now thinking in terms of what they can do as a result of these connected devices. This is what we define as the “Internet of Things You Can Do.”

Technology now enables things like space exploration and improved healthcare – but not without first ensuring government networks are up for the challenge. The “Internet of Things You Can Do” demands government shift to the new network paradigm of the New IP. If you have read my previous Federal Insights blogs on the concept of the New IP – you know that demands on the network, largely impacted by the explosion of Internet-connected devices, are quickly propelling us to re-model and re-think how we leverage networking technologies in government.

What is possible in an IT environment driven by the New IP? Here is what the “Internet of Things You Can Do” looks like in government.

Exploring Space

The federal government has already benefitted from sophisticated wearable technology that connects us to the Internet and to one another – continuously feeding data back and forth. NASA scientists have been using wearables to enable the virtual exploration of Mars through hologram technologies. A rapidly growing network of connected smart sensors and devices allows scientists to examine the environment as if they were standing right alongside a rover on Mars.

Improving Healthcare

Veterans Affairs’ doctors have been looking to use smart healthcare devices to make healthcare not only more accessible but also more effective, from prevention to outcomes. These healthcare IoT-based innovations include blood glucose, fetal and temperature monitors that create a catalyst for smarter devices to deliver more valuable, sensitive data and lessen the need for direct patient-physician interaction. The VA and other healthcare organizations can provide better health care to veterans and other patients in their own homes thanks to connected technologies.

The New IP will make the capabilities enabled by the IoT a reality for federal agencies. By making an investment in innovative technologies and open, modernized network infrastructure, the government can achieve new possibilities through connected technology. Currently, many government agencies are at the precipice of pioneering unprecedented innovations and advancements made possible by new technologies. Behind the functionality of every app and new connected device, a complex layer of networking infrastructure governs data, storage, and connectivity to transform ordinary gadgets and tools into smart devices. Without the right network foundation, we may limit the potential of IoT and hamper the government’s ability to deliver on promising new capabilities.

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