Introducing: Brigade Weekly News, August 1, 2012

Each Wednesday we are going to post our favorite stories of the week to this blog. Today, August 1, 2012 is our inaugural edition.

Denver Mayor releases 80 GIS datasets for Colorado Code for Communities Brigade event

Brigade member, Denver captain, and Colorado Code for Communities organizer Jason Lally reported in the forum that the Denver Mayor’s office “…released 80 GIS datasets into a CKAN open data catalog ahead of our Colorado Code for Communities hackathon…”

NYC’s App Wishlist for Sustainable Solutions

Code for America Summer Intern Hannah Young reported that New York City’s Reinvent Green Hackathon “took some of the guesswork out of [what the city needs]” by publishing an app wishlist. More of this, please. We like to see cities and civic hackers communicating and collaborating!

Code for Oakland: Unexpected Awesomeness

Steve Spiker, Brigade captain, Open Oakland organizer, posted to his Tumblog a comprehensive recap of Code for Oakland. Several of us from Code for America, including Executive Director Jen Pahlka and 2012 Fellow Eddie Tejeda reside in Oakland. Steve and team are true civic heroes for organizing & hosting this event. Go Oaktown!

Civic hackathon inspires competition, collaboration around planning and sustainability apps in Denver region

Jason Lally also submitted a thorough report from the civic hackathon that he and his employer, Place Matters, hosted last weekend. Place Matters and local investment shop Galvanize have agreed to provide follow-on support to two winning app teams. Speaking of sustainability…long live civic apps!

Hello Grand Rapids, Michigan!

This week we saw a new Meetup appear on our Events page and it’s quickly become the largest organized Brigade Meetup. It’s in Grand Rapids, Mich. and there are at present there are 16 members signed up to attend on Tuesday, August 14 at opensource studio, 235 S Division, Grand Rapids, Mich.

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