Introducing the Brigade Captains Program

Brigade is all about recognizing and supporting the volunteer efforts of civic minded technologists throughout the country who want to contribute to the civic web and code for America where they live. Our aim at Code for America is grow, strengthen, and connect the network of people involved in doing so. We have two mechanisms for doing that.

One way we build the Brigade is by creating an open source pattern than anyone can replicate without our permission. We publish our activities, share our tools, and invite local leaders to get help from our “concierge service for civic hackers.”

The other way we build Brigade is by developing and supporting the strongest local leaders through our Brigade Captains program. The Brigade Captains program is our structured, facilitated, ideal model for local brigades and brigade leadership. Captains are enlisted for a one year commitment to develop, publish, and execute a year-long plan for their cities based on our core activities. Captains are hold regular meetings of their brigades, host events in their cities, and share the stories of their accomplishments.

Today I am pleased to introduce the inaugural class of the Brigade Captains program with 19 members in 16 cities.

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Our new captains are:

Andrew Jawitz Portland, ME
Arthur Grau Honolulu, HI
Burt Lum Honolulu, HI
Chase Southard Lexington, KY
Chip Rosenthal Austin, TX
Chris Alfano Philadelphia, PA
Christopher Whitaker Chicago, IL
Emma Burnett Portland, ME
Harlan Weber Boston, MA
Ian Johnson Tucson, AZ
Jason Lally Denver, CO
Jeffrey Johnson San Diego, CA
Jonathan Pichot Grand Rapids, MI
Michael Evans Detroit, MI
Michelle Koeth Arlington, VA
Scott Barnwell Asheville, NC
Steve Spiker Oakland, CA
Timmy Crawford Bend, OR
Tracy Viselli Alexandria, VA

Comments? Question? Hit us up @codeforamerica.

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