Introducing the “Federal Buzz,” a Column for the Washington Post!

Great news out of GovLoop this week! Beginning today (but from now on, appearing on Fridays), I’m going to be writing a column called the “Federal Buzz” for the Washington Post. These pieces will recap just what govies have been saying about a hot topic or major issue during the previous week and will be featured on the WaPo Fed Page. This week, I discuss your thoughts and feelings about the debt ceiling and its possible effect on federal employees’ pensions. Be sure to check it out. And who knows, maybe one of your comments will be included in the next one!

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Andrew Krzmarzick

AFGE National – That would be great to have it in the print edition…I don’t think so…but let them know that it should be!

Stephanie Slade

Last week’s “Federal Buzz” addressed the challenges in and around implementation of the Plain Writing Act.

And this week’s is about the value, or lack thereof, of self-titled social media “experts.”

Check them out and let us know what you think!