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Invincea Continues to Gain Momenturm

We’ve already covered how odds are your software applications aren’t secure. Threats and attack vectors seem to expand faster than solutions, and many solutions are employed sub-optimally due to poor updating, patching, and information management. And conventional tools can’t protect users against targeted attacks like spear phishing, which rely on flaws in judgement rather than software. It’s a harsh security climate, which is why I like Invincea‘s solution so much. Realizing that no defense is impenetrable and malware will eventually get through, Invincea uses virtualization to insulate your computer while it engages in risky activities. Invincea moves your browser and PDF reader into virtual environments that can detect when something goes wrong and terminate without harming your computer. It does so seamlessly and without changing the user experience or taking up additional bandwidth. Recently, Invincea acquired a big boost in funding, some major new clients, and additional high-level talent, showing that more people are getting behind these new security methods.

In order to expand its solutions and bring them to a wider audience, Invincea recently gained $5.1 million in growth capital. To help in this growth, the company hired proven talent from ArcSight and NetWitness. And already, Invincea is making an impact. The solution is in use in the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, protecting some of our nations most critical and at-risk networks. Invincea is also deployed by numerous other civilian agencies and some of the most successful companies in the world, 4 of the Fortune 10 and almost 10% of the Fortune 100. Computer security experts and the press have also begun to respond to Invincea’s growth, naming it SC Magazine’s Rookie of the Year and one of the SINET 16 Innovators for the Security Innovation Network’s Showcase 2011, among other awards. If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to take notice of this alternative solution to malware for enterprise networks as well. You can even sign up for a free, live demo here.

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