Invitational Briefing on High-Performance Visualization: Cross-cutting Capabilities

Virginia Tech National Capital Region

April 2, 2012 8:30-10:30 am
at the VT NCR Research Building in Ballston (910 Glebe Rd)

In the face of the data deluge and increasingly distributed teams, prior strategies toward information infrastructure and user interfaces are clearly insufficient, even quaint. It is critical that decision and policy makers are aware of the technological and historical context surrounding the development of these virtual and mirror world’s platforms. While shared, interactive 3D worlds are not a new frontier, ill-considered investments have built the same wheel over and over again – yet enterprises are left with no interchangeability or interoperation of these assets.

At a programmatic level, such a strategy is not sustainable. More and more leaders are realizing the necessity of R&D partnerships and the value of international standards in evolving information ecology. Join us for an exciting and informative briefing from the visualization faculty of Virginia Tech’s Center for Advanced Research Computing and Department of Computer Science on the research and technology trends that are driving investment and innovation in visual analysis and immersive training.

Located in Virginia Tech’s new research building in Ballston, attendees will experience, first-hand, the potential of the pixel and the power of perception using state-of-the-art display hardware. We will explore the principle research themes in the interdisciplinary field of visualization and demonstrate their application with case studies and examples.

Presentation by Nicholas F. Polys, Ph.D.
with Support from : VT Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Mathematics, VT Center for Human-Computer Interaction

Please share with everyone you think would be interested in this subject matter. Have them RSVP to me to confirm a seat. We have 20 seats available and it is first come first serve.

Continental Breakfast will be served. The event is offered at no charge.

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