IO: The Modular Data Center of the Future


io_logoToday IT decision makers are being forced to make harder and tougher questions. They must cut costs while meeting increased demands on their networks, adhere to stringent regulations and defend from a variety of threats. Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are two metrics which are receiving increased traction and import in federal climates. However, as regulations and policies change, flexibility is more and more important to infrastructure. Data centers typically require enormous investments, multi-year contracts and a great deal of planning. But it does not have to be like that.

IO is a remarkable young corporation that provides novel approaches to data center problems and solutions. IO makes intelligent modular data centers that are a step beyond what we’ve seen from other providers in the market; their IO.Anywhere system costs less to implement, is purpose-designed and built, can be scaled just–in-time, in increments, and provisioned rapidly. IO.Anywhere incorporates IO.OS, a single-pane-of-glass operating system that offers unprecedented monitoring capabilities and the ability to optimize redundancy and workflow settings per application–that means no more paying to cool and power everywhere, at the highest level, 24-7. Instead of tying up a huge amount of capital in traditional data center architecture, the unique design of IO modular data centers makes that infrastructure part of the IT stack. IO has created a self-contained. living solution that is bolt-on and plug

IO calls its innovative approach Data Center 2.0, which it defines as a “flexible fabric” approach that costs far less to operate, is more secure and substantially reduces a user’s carbon footprint. While “data centers in a box” have been available for a few years, IO’s self-contained modular data center is not a “dumb” ISO container. It is specially designed to house racks of servers, while cooling and powering them efficiently. It offers a 1.17 PUE ratio, which meets sustainability goals. IO has managed all this through crafty engineering, by moving the cooling, power and networking to the bottom of their container, all of the technology remains available to technicians. IO’s offerings vary from data to power to generator modules, all which can be combined to create the reliable, secure, elastic data center that government and private enterprise today demands . IO’s approach limits financial risk and initial outlay, while ensuring that data center needs can be met over the long haul. IO’s focus on operating cost savings is a key driver in limiting TCO.

IO.Anywhere data center modules offer a cloud-like flexibility to data center operations, while providing unparalleled command and control. Precision engineering has helped them create a remarkably efficient solution that pays real ROI dividends, while minimizing TCO over the life of the data center. For more information on IO’s modular data centers and data center 2.0, check out IO at

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