Iran won’t respond to anything but lethal force

I just got back from AIPAC, and felt that the official statements by the US President fell way short of the mark. No hardened Iranian leader with blood on his hands is going to have sleepless night because the President says “everything is on the table” but give sanctions a chance. We know how effective sanctions are in regime change – we need only look at Cuba.

Make no mistake that a nuclear powered Iran is a US problem and threatens all our interests in the Middle East and of course it also threatens Israel. With a nuclear alternative their proxies could place a small nuclear device in a US City and we would have no deterrent. They are also playing now with ICBM’s.

Khameni and Ajmadinajad understand the use of force very well. The only time that Iran has ceased its territorial ambitions was after the Vincennes incident in 1988 when the then Iranian regime was convinced that the Iranian airliner had been downed on purpose and that the US was getting into the war on the side of their ally at the time, Iraq. Two weeks after, the Iranians capitulated and the war was over.

War is never convenient but sitting by and doing nothing is even more costly. History has shown us this at Munich when Chamberlain said he had peace in our time. He could have easily defeated Hitler at that point. Anyone doubts their ability to attack us should look at what is going on in Iran and their ally Syria to see what they do to their own people.

This is a great forum and a privilege to read your views.

By: Henry Morgenstern

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