Is your message consistent with your intentions?

As we await the State of the Union speech by President Obama, I am reminded that on a periodic basis, I too, need to present state of the business updates to my employees and network of colleagues. All leaders need to update their team and key stakeholders. How often we communicate, and how consistent our message is with our intentions, relates directly to how successful our team will be.

Intentions? Loosely speaking, intentions are the subconscious motivations behind our words.

Is your message laden with truth or are you attempting to persuade by misdirection?

At the end of the President’s speech, lawmakers and pundits will analyze and criticize his talk for inconsistencies and poorly formed directives. He’ll be lauded by many for his sense of purpose and clear speaking. For many of us listening to the President, his message may resonate on certain topics and fall short on others. Your message, too, may have its inconsistencies, unless you are certain to line your message up with your intentions.

Can your employees count on you to relay messages in an honest and timely way? Do you deliver kind words with criticism? Just as our words as senior executives need to be clear, our employees need to know that they are words that matter.

Leadership, and all of the accompanying responsibilities, is ultimately an empty position if those we lead and manage cannot look to us to say what we mean, and do what we say.

What do your words say about your intentions?

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