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It’s a culture sort of thing

March 2010

Martin Stewart-Weeks gave a presentation to the New Media Group, Victorian Government entitled Getting Under the Skin of Government 2.0 – Issues, Insights and Implications
Martin’s presentation, similar to the Australia’s Gov 2.0 Taskforce Report and the reports on innovation in the Australian Public Service and the work of the Reform Group highlighted the need to change organisational culture and manage change. All good.
However, most agencies or departments take a top down approach to changing culture and do not use social media to build organisational culture with their people.
In my experience an entire industry has built up around culture and engagement surveys and, as a result, our HR/OD areas are not up to the task of the sort of changes needed. Possibly even resistant.
Here is something I put together on this very issue >>> Culture Critique. Also available on Slideshare
What do you think?
Steve D

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Srinidhi Boray

You bring a very valid point. Change means structural and functional reallocation. Not another recipe from the top. Anything based on questionnaire is at its best value perception distortion that leadership have used to advance ill conceived machinations. This is the motivation for syndication where the motivated grass-root takes charge and forge into active participation. Until that happen, one will wait for “change” to happen.

Gary Berg-Cross


I think that your point on the necessity of a bottom up approach is apt and fits some of the implicit philoophy of the Gov 2.o. One of your slides talks makes Practical Suggestions –

Use the answers people give to decide themes and questions to measure progress
• seek feedback and test
• think beyond surveys

Are you aware of any case studies or success stories using such things? I’m interested because I am working with others on a practical guide that may be useful for government managers.