It’s time for me to make the move to Google Voice + VoIP

I’m giving Google Voice another shot (and maybe you should too)

After picking up the Galaxy Note, I realized that I am tired of being tethered to one device. While I have some of the best Android devices on the market (Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and Transformer Prime), I can only phone and text on one device (the Nexus).

To combat this, I have been researching (and am planning on attempting) switching to almost 100% VoIP, using Google Voice for my text messaging carrier and then being able to grab any device and take it with me. When I was a Sprint customer I used Google Voice to a great deal of success – their integration is unparalleled, and I enjoyed accessing my Google Voice text messages from the desktop or tablet (it makes checking your phone in meetings a thing of the past).

In the past, the Google Voice app wasn’t all that great, but some recent upgrades have made it a lot better (and more useful). Offline storage and syncing are possible, allowing you to listen to voicemail and respond to texts even with spotty reception (a win).

GrooVe IP seamlessly integrates into your Google Voice and allows you to make calls

To accomplish this, I plan to port my Verizon number to Google Voice, and use the $4.99 Android app GrooVe IP to make and receive calls. I will also have the settings to forward to my landline during the day, and then keep it moving whenever (and wherever) I want.

If you’ve got any experience, or knowledge of using these products, I would greatly appreciate it! I will start this process next week, so check back for a follow on post.

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Elliot Volkman

I’ve been using Google voice for a while, and it’s a pretty awesome tool. I wouldn’t personally use it for text messages because I use every social media outlet known to man, but I could see how having the same message reach various devices at the same time to be useful. Well, as long as it does not get to crazy like WUPHF (from the office). I’d say it’s a logical choice over all though.