Jive- New Way To Govern!

nuff said!:

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Avatar photo Bill Brantley

Citizen engagement is not a technical issue. It’s going to take new leadership, new training of employees, and new ways to measure success. Nice app though.

John Bordeaux

@Bill, precisely correct. Also, I think there is a real conversation to be had about a single platform versus a series of interconnected ones. I don’t know the “correct” architecture for open government, but that conversation needs to precede adoration of an app. Oh, and we also need to address all the messy human stuff you mention first as well.

Jim Kovach

Bingo- “Bridging” is a key component to enabling Internal & External communities to thrive. The “platform” alleviates the FrankenSocial experiments of “integrating” a wiki to a blog to a microblog to a ideation to a bookmarking tool etc..etc…versions dot.X to dot.Y- and on n on…messy, non-performant, not-sustainable, something the Commercial world has lived through (2+ yrs ago) to eventually realize having an integrated platform proved to be the best path. The Human stuff- well, no doubt- just like the “critics” of TeleWork are proving, there will always be that insidious element of inertia looking to block progress n productivity….always.