Joe Liberman on Cybersecurity, ICITE to go live in 2013 and more


The IC is bringing a whole host of services and capabilities to bear for all of its users

Here’s the top cyber news and stories for today.

  • Joseph Lieberman, CT Senator, has an op-ed titled, “the dangers of delaying heightened cybersecurity” – it was published in the Washington Post and addresses how important Sen Lieberman believes cybersecurity is. Sen Lieberman highlights that they had to “reluctantly cut out a central feature of our bill: requiring that minimum cybersecurity standards be applied to the most critical cybernetworks upon which our security depends, such as water and transportation systems, the electric grid, communications systems and financial networks.” For the full editorial, be sure to read the Washington Post, more here.
  • CACI receives sub-contract for Cyber Forensics and IT solutions for the DC3 – “CACI will provide Lockheed Martin and DoD with qualified computer and audio-visual forensic experts and software engineers to research and design forensic tools, improve information technology enterprise support, and enhance cyber counterintelligence analysis.” Via DefPro, more here.
  • Supreme Court Terminates Warrantless Electronic Spying Case – The Supreme Court tossed the Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s case to hold telecoms liable for providing the NSA access to communications. Via, more here.
  • The IC Cloud is coming online in 2013 – The Intelligence Community is moving to a shared cloud architecture to provide joint services across the IC. The Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise (ICITE) was announced at the GEOINT symposium last year. Part of the intent is to provide a common desktop across the IC. Via Federal News Radio, more here.
  • One analyst’s takeaways from the TTC’s Military Cyber Security Conference. Here is a great blog post that sums up the TTC’s Military Cyber Security Conference last week.

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