Johnson County Library to host dialogue on Newtown tragedy

This Thursday at 7pm, Johnson County Library in Kansas is hosting A Conversation about Sandy Hook. Louisa Whitfield-Smith, the Civic Engagement Librarian at Johnson County Library, is inviting civic engagement organizations across the nation to get involved in whatever way they see fit — including sending resources, ideas for next steps, and information on deliberation. I plan to share a PDF version of our web resource on Running a D&D Program – The Basics.

Are YOU running a dialogue or deliberation event in response to the Newtown shooting? Share what you’re doing with the NCDD network here on the blog, and be sure to participate in our Hackpad workspace on how our field should move forward together.

Johnson County Library to host A Conversation about Sandy Hook

All around our country conversations are being had about the Sandy Hook school shooting. What caused it? What should our responses be? How do we ensure safe schools? Join with other members of your community for a conversation on these issues at the Central Resource Library on January 10th, 7 PM. All perspectives and views are welcome and the conversations will be moderated by trained, neutral facilitators.

Johnson County Library wants to provide a safe space for these hard conversations. We don’t have the answers nor is that our role. Instead we are committed to providing resources and information from all sides to members of the community who want to stop feeling helpless in the face of this tragedy.

We would like civic engagement organizations from across the nation to participate in this forum in any way you see fit. Share this invitation with staff and listservs; send in information sheets on your work for us to put out at the event; links to share on our website for the event; or come and participate in the discussion. Also, we are looking for community organizations from across the spectrum to provide resources and next steps (eg volunteer, advocate, increase awareness, share resources, more information on deliberation) for discussion participants. If you have any you would like to share, please submit them to me by email or bring them to the community forum.

Finally, if there’s any group or individual you want to invite to the table, please let me know, and I will be happy to reach out to them. Alternately, please feel free to forward them this invitation.

Thanks again for everything,

Louisa Whitfield-Smith
Civic Engagement Librarian
Johnson County Library
[email protected]
(913) 826-4418

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