Join us on a 2-part call series on civic infrastructure

Every community has a physical infrastructure – the streets and roads and sewer lines that connect buildings and allow cities to buzz and grow. But every place also has a civic infrastructure: the social connections, decision-making processes, and formal and informal networks that allow residents to solve problems, work together, and build a thriving community.

Join us on a 2-part conference call series to explore the important topic of civic infrastructure. This ties directly into our theme for NCDD Seattle on how we can build civic infrastructure in our communities, our country, and our practice — so these calls will be used in part to help inform the conference.

The first call, which will take place this Thursday (June 28) from 4 to 5pm Eastern, is a free CommunityMatters conference call. We announced our involvement in the newly-launched CommunityMatters Partnership last week, and all NCDD members are encouraged to join this call. Thursday’s call will feature NCDD Member and CM Partner Matt Leighninger speaking on the topic of the building blocks of civic infrastructure. You’ll also have the chance to hear briefly from each of the 7 CM Partners about their work. Sign up.

The second call, which will be considered an “NCDD Confab” call, will be held on Thursday, June 12 from 3-4:30pm Eastern. We’ll be using Maestroconference, which allows us to break participants into small groups during the call. NCDD members Ben Roberts and Amy Lenzo will facilitate. We hope the first call will create a strong basis of understanding about civic infrastructure, and the second call will build on this baseline, and dig deeper into the ways we can/should address this topic at the October NCDD conference.

We encourage all NCDD members to attend the CM call on the 28th, and then to participate in the July 12th call in order to dig deeper into the challenges we’re all facing, and innovations we’re leading, in the area of civic infrastructure and long-term civic capacity building in communities. Of course, you’re welcome to participate in either call if you can’t make it onto both. Sign up.

How to register…

June 28th CommunityMatters call
4-5pm Eastern

June 12th NCDD Confab call
3-4:30pm Eastern

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