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Happy Monday, Govloopers – where ever you are, we hope you have a Happy Labor Day!!

Just so you know, here’s the history of Labor Day. This is the day we celebrate the American Worker, including all of those in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. We’ve made this the greatest country in world.

And it’s finally game day…

Virginia Tech is no stranger to big games – and being the only game on TV for that day. The Hokies opened in 2007 with LSU, 2009 with Alabama, 2010 with Boise State – and now opening in 2012 with a big Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Coastal Division clash with its rivals, Georgia Tech. The winner of this specific game has represented the ACC Coastal Division in the conference championship game every time in the last 7 years.

Andy Bitter of the Roanoke Times and the Virginian Pilot did extensive blog post on the match ups – far better than I could imagine doing – you can see his post here. Please also see Nathan Warters’ (the pride of the Lynchburg News and Advance) preview here. Georgia Tech will be without a starting defensive back (Louis Young, who was suspended for selling his game tickets) – that’s going to cause a few problems for the Jackets because you know Virginia Tech will focusing its passing game on Young’s replacement. Georgia Tech’s starting linebacker, Daniel Drummond, is also suspended.

The weather, specifically, the rain will be an issue for both teams tonight in Blacksburg – there’s about a 60% chance for rain.

Georgia Tech is going to be able to run the ball against most teams that they play against this year – the triple option still works, folks. At the same time, teams who have had time to prepare for it usually find a way to win. Virginia Tech has had all summer and the fall to prepare its defense for this unique offense. For the Jackets, they are going to have to make Virginia Tech one-dimensional (e.g. stop the power running game of the Hokies). The Hokies have a re-built offensive line and some brand new starters at running back, but someone will emerge in this game. It helps that the Hokies have a 6’6″, 260lb quarterback in Logan Thomas. He’s going to win a few game this year for the Hokies. Logan Thomas is no ordinary quarterback. Logan Thomas might be a bigger version of Cam Newton.

And Logan Thomas, my Govloop friends, will be the difference in this game.

Virginia Tech will defeat Georgia Tech. We’ll call it Hokies 28 Jackets 20.

This is what you’re going to see tonight in Blacksburg – an insane crowd…

Happy Labor Day!! 🙂

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