Last Week’s Confab Call with Tom Atlee

Last week, we were pleased to host the first Confab Call of 2012 with our special guest Tom Atlee. It was a great call with nearly 100 participants, an active question and answer period and even a thoughtful “breakout” session (see the document below).

Confab bubble image

Since the call itself was long and the audio file is pretty large, we decided to offer 15 minutes of Tom’s commentary on the themes of his upcoming book separate for those looking for an update on his work.

We would like to send a special thanks to Ben Roberts, a principal in both weDialogue and Occupy Café, for facilitating the call on the Maestro platform. We would also like to thank Ben’s assistant, Jitendra Darling, co-founder of Occupy Café and founder of Core Awakening Journey, an integrated transformational mystery school.

Click through for the material from our conversation with Tom and don’t forget to mark our next Confab Call on your calendars! We’ll be talking with NCDDers are Tina Nabatchi and Cynthia Farrar on February 23 about their 2011 report “Bridging the Gap between Public Officials and the Public.”

1. Check out the Confab Call’s Co-operative Document.
Participants were encouraged to introduce themselves, ask questions and respond to discussion points.
600k (pdf)

2. Hear Tom Alee’s thoughts on Collective Wisdom, Citizen Assemblies and the themes of his upcoming book.
Introduced by Sandy Heierbacher
14Mb 00:15 (mp3)*

3. Listen to the Confab Call.
The full call with question and answers and breakout reports.
100Mb 2:00 (mp3)*

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*Please note that these are recordings of a conference call and the audio quality not so great.

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