LinkWithin Creates Reads and Comments

Last week I got a valid comment on a two year old post. The same commenter also posted under a current post.
LinkedWithin is a widget that shows a changing choice of three stories at the bottom of each blog post.
I first saw it on A Suitable Wardrobe, and even though I feel tremendous pressure to get off the internet, I would read three or four previous posts, both those that were new to me and some I had forgotten.
Recalling that R&D means Research and Duplicate, I installed it on Through The Browser and Sales Lab Posts. Occasionally I get lost in past posts on my own blogs.
LinkWithin Creates more Reads and Comments
How are you increasing flow?
February 22nd Sales Lab’s Rainmaker 12 is What Have I Done for You Lately? at the Capital Technology Management Hub on Wednesday, February 22nd. The featured CTMH speaker will be Sean Crowley on the topic of The Open Source Web Content Management Platform, Drupal, and its Momentum.

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