Liquid Robotics: An update on this particularly virtuous technology– and a request for your input


It has been a while since we have written about our friends at Liquid Robotics. We imagine most of our readers are keeping their ears open for news on their capabilities, they are so widely known in tech circles just about everyone knows their basic approach of leveraging “Wave Gilders” as wave propelled robotic platforms for high tech solutions.

But things have been moving so fast with Liquid Robotics we wanted to pause for a moment to list of some recent news and would also like to provide you with a great video of their CEO Bill Vass providing some important context.

First some of the news:

Now some bigger news:

And a request for your input/action:

This is big news, I think, and I’m so excited for the great American technology team that made this platform real. They are doing virtuous things for the environment and our planet and deserve our love. You can give them a boost with a click by voting for them in a Guinness World Records Fan Choice Contest. Please do so by visiting this link, then look for the survey that asks for you to vote. Pick “Longest journey by an unmanned autonomous surface vehicle.” You can also tweet your vote to them by tweeting to @GWRNews with the hashtag #GWRFanCHoice


Now here is my friend Bill Vass giving some great context via video:

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