Looking for Great Fact Sheet/1-pager/ Briefing Paper Examples

My department is looking (and strongly needing) to do an overhaul of our print materials we use for outreach – be it at conferences, meetings with partners, or a quick briefing for leadership.

Our current print materials are outdated and disorganized. We need to develop a template that can work across topics both in design as well as content organization.

I’m looking for fact sheet/1-pager/briefing paper examples from other agencies that you all think communicate what was intended effectively, concisely, and if possible, in a attractive way as well!

Thanks in advance for the help. I always get such great feedback from the GovLoop community.

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Profile Photo Nicole Buell

@Lisa – Yes, looking for a template or just a good example.

@Tom – we’ve actually contacted them, but not sure we have the money to pay for the designers to so trying to see what we can do in house.

Profile Photo Tina Bagapor-O'Harrow

Hi Nicole; I don’t have a one pager, but establishing some basic guidelines in the form of a brand cannon is a great first step in creating a cohesive branded look for your agency. Homeland Security has branding guidelines and assets online that are a great example of how to conform communications so they all feel related. If you need some more specifics, ping me – I own an ad agency that caters to The Federal Space – I can show you some other examples too. Tina, The AD Store: 202-342-0222