Love The “Just Give It A Shot” Mentality!

Detroit is dealing with a host of financial issues as the city struggles to survive and reinvent itself. As a recent article pointed out:

“The city’s badly strapped bus system recently halted late-night service (between 1 and 4 a.m.) and even cut off some routes at 8 p.m. Those buses that do run rarely show up on schedule, and 20 to 50 percent never show at all, according to a recent report. In one horror story, riders waited three hours for a bus to arrive, only to find it too packed to board. Detroit riders, understandably, are furious.”

Twenty-five year old Andy Didorosi, a young entrepreneur and lifetime Detroiter, decided to do something about the lack of quality bus service by buying three buses and starting a private transit company, which is expected to start operating in late April.

“The whole thing was born out of listening to all these solutions we had for Detroit’s transit woes come and go, you hear about these over and over and over again and your thought is: why doesn’t someone just give it a shot?”

“If people can’t get anywhere, the city doesn’t work,” Didorosi says. “As Detroiters we’re just frustrated as hell. This is my small effort to put something back together. Maybe we’ll bring some innovation to the market and move forward as a city.”

We need more people like Andy Didorosi. Twenty-five years old and starting a bus company. Why not just give it a shot!


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