Make Adversity Work for You


Point: Adversity is inevitable. No matter where we are in life adversity finds its way to us at every level of success. Many of us do not realize that adversity is not what makes or breaks a person. Instead, it’s one’s response that determines the outcome. When we face life’s challenges at times, we prematurely accept defeat because the circumstances around us seem impossible.

Advice: Robertson Davies once said “Extraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and then become more extraordinary because of it.” There are two kinds of people in life. Those who make adversity work for them or those who work for adversity. Consider this scenario:

Two men see a restaurant they desire to purchase and own. Neither of the two man currently have enough money in reserve to buy the restaurant today.

Person A– “After looking at my present circumstances I can’t afford it. Oh well, I guess some dreams never come true.

Person B: “After looking at my present capabilities let me figure how I can afford to purchase this. I will sit down tonight to find a financial plan that can work for me and this investment.

The Outcome: Person A has one outcome-defeat. Like a potato being boiled in water, they smash under pressure. Person B has two outcomes, they are the egg being cooked in water and become harder and stronger under pressure; or, they become the tea leaf that adds value and flavor to the boiling water.

Challenge: How many times have you accepted defeat before trying? This week instead of saying, “I can’t” ask yourself “how can I”?

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