Make Your Application Stand Out: Old Dominion University’s Procurement Certification Program

If “government procurement” at first glance doesn’t strike you as the most alluring field, maybe you should take a second look. In procurement, you essentially are paid to spend large amounts of other people’s money, not a bad deal, huh? This field requires both technical expertise and the savvy to make important financial decisions for the government.

Stephen Gordon, the director of the Old Dominion University certificate program, spoke to Chris Dorobek with the DorobekINSIDER program on how ODU’s program prepares students for a career in procurement.

Why Study Procurement?

– The field needs new talent to fill the void left by retiring baby boomers

– Need for highly qualified professionals: “There’s a tremendous need to bring very smart qualified well educated, and I emphasize well educated, into the workforce”

– Current procurement training lacks the emphasis on big picture thinking: “You want people…to be able to put their hands on what the problem really is and analyze and critically think about how they need to approach it”

What Does the Program Entail?

– 5 courses, 15 credit hours

– Core Courses:

  • Introduction to Public Procurement
  • Public Sector Contract Planning and Formation
  • Public Sector Procurement Law and Ethics
  • Public Sector Contract Administration

– Available on a stand-alone non-degree basis or as part of the MPA or MBA programs

Who Is the Target Audience?

The program is attracting a diverse group of recent graduates, young professionals, and mid-career professionals. No prior procurement experience is required for acceptance into the program.

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