Making Mobile Gov Highlights: Mobile Product Accessibility

There are over 350 participants in the Making Mobile Gov Dialogue and this week we wanted to highlight mobile product accessibility issues agencies grapple with like Section 508 compliance. When we searched the MMG Dialogue, here’s what we found:

“No one is really talking about accessibility and Section 508 with Apps. PLEASE remember to develop on more then one platform, and to make sure that your app works with the accessibility features on the various devices, especially Android and iPhone,” says JH from D.C.

JH is correct, his comment is the only one about accessibility on the MMG Dialogue, but this does not mean agencies are not thinking about the issue. Section 508 laws apply to mobile products just as they apply to websites and government agencies need to test their mobile products for accessibility before public release.
Comments we recieved from agencies during the Making Mobile Gov project revealed that agencies generally use their traditional 508 experts to review mobile products before production. Also, some mobile platforms provide guides for accessibility testing. However, 508 processes for mobile products are still in development and agencies were interested in learning other agency practices in the area in order to enhance their accessibility efforts.

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**reposted from the Mobile Gov Blog from the Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies at GSA**

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