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Making Mobile Gov: Ideas for Apps

We had a huge influx of participation in the Making Mobile Gov dialogue last week. Much of it was in our new “Suggest an App” category.

Some app ideas so far include

  • iPassport – get a badge for every national park or monument that you visit.
  • Collect and publish the latitude and longitude coordinates of all government office that are open to the general public (e.g., Social Security District Offices) so that mapping programs such as Bing/Google maps can display locations accurately.
  • A mobile app that allows citizens, youth, and the unemployed to propose and bid on city improvement projects. If the project gains enough votes the government will fund to the project utilizing unemployed, youth and short term skilled workers.
  • An application that would locate the nearest state park camp site, and immediately allow you to book a reservation. This way you could travel around from camp site to camp site and instantly view availability, location, location relative to you.

You can see all of the suggestions–and vote them up or down–at the dialogue site.

Thanks for chiming in. Now go and participate some more.

We really want to hear from the smart minds of people in government, industry, nonprofits, academia and the general public on policies, practices, partnerships and promotions to help Design Mobile Gov as well as app ideas.

So, as they say, go mosey on over to the site and let loose. Pass it on!


Be sure to check out the Making Mobile Gov Project. Help us help agencies work together to make a more open, innovative government to meet 21st century citizen expectations. You can vote on ideas and add your own on our dialogue.

**reposted from the Mobile Gov Blog from the Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies at GSA**

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