Man on the Street Interviews: Digital Divide

I chatted with a few people on the streets on Cincinnati, Ohio, a couple of days ago about their thoughts on the Digital Divide. Whether or not they knew the term, it still affected them in some way.

I learned a lot creating this video (like if I’m holding the camera I need to make sure heads aren’t cut off, and the ambient noise in public places is very loud). My first ‘man on the street’ interviews! But keep watching videos on http://www.GovGirl.com – they can only get better 🙂

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Brett White

I sometimes finish my day by walking in slow motion too, but, that is usually preceded by Happy Hour. 🙂

Andrew Krzmarzick

Nice – I’ll get you a tripod for your birthday! 🙂

Quick question on process – did you find it hard to get people to agree to go on camera? When I wandered over to the Farmer’s Market to shoot some clips for the “We Love Public Service” video, people were extremely shy.

Kristy Dalton

@Andy It wasn’t as hard as I thought actually. No one turned me down – I just approached them with a big smile, and asked them if I could ask them 3 questions on camera for my website. I think they would have been more shy if I would have used the term ‘interview’ though.