Managing Agile Projects – Tools and Techniques

On 31 July 2012 at 1145, I will be doing a presentation on Managing Agile Projects, and tools and techniques that help Government organizations succeed with Agile. There is more information on the event here and here.

The main topics will include an introduction of myself and VersionOne, an overview of the Agile Process and Agile in Government, and how tooling can help Government agencies be successful implementing Agile.

VersionOne is one of those Agile Project Management tools. The presentation will cover how VersionOne can provide visibility across the Agile process, facilitate project planning, and assist in monitoring and reporting on progress. There will be examples of Federal Agencies that have had success with Agile and VersionOne.

The presentation went well, and here are the slides:

Managing Agile Projects Tools and Techniques 31July12.pdf

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