Marielle’s Story

This month, we are featuring a series of stories from our Fellows, in their own words. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about these remarkable young people, and how they are making our cities better places to live, work and play.

Marielle Earwood, SF2011As a City Hall Fellow, I was placed at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Power, Sewer), Waste Water Enterprise, under the Sewer System Improvement Program (SSIP) – a multi-billion dollar capital
improvement program. My main role was to coordinate the development of an
Urban Watershed Framework, which consists of guidelines for conducting
watershed assessments for all eight of San Francisco’s watersheds,
identifying project opportunities for managing stormwater, a triple
bottom line approach for prioritizing projects and a stakeholder
involvement process. The framework is a process that facilitates a whole
new way
of doing business in the Waste water Enterprise. I was
acting project manager and helped this effort move forward as the Urban
Watershed Framework Coordinator.

With the completion of both my Fellowship year and the Urban Watershed Framework, I was given a new
role in assisting with the development of the SSIP Strategic
Communications plan. My focus is currently on developing the Urban
Watershed Outreach plan which will involve outreach and communications
with numerous community organizations, non profits and various other

City Hall Fellows provided me exposure and skills, leading me to an opportunity to build a career in public service that I am incredibly passionate about in a
city that I love – San Francisco. I am LOVING my new role and the opportunity to work in alignment with my passion! Thank you City Hall Fellows!

Marielle Earwood was a 2011 San Francisco Fellow.

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