MarkLogic comes to developers, the crazy stats of Facebook and more


Here’s today’s top tech news and stories.

  • MarkLogic announced on Monday the availability of version 6 of their database – the NoSQL database now includes support for Java, JSON, and REST. “MarkLogic 6 also adds new analytics capabilities, business intelligence integrations and in-database MapReduce.” It appears that MarkLogic is moving away from XQuery for their scalable database. Via SDTimes, more here.
  • Teen wins $60K in Google Chrome Flaw – Google has been increasing their payouts for security vulnerabilities in their browser (Chrome). Chrome appears to be a major part of Google’s solutions for the desktop, and security is paramount. Via TechCrunch, more here.
  • Groupon launching iPad-based point of sales restaurant system – The service is a “sales, order management and reporting system for restaurants, bars and cafes” that relies on Apple’s iPad.’ This service is known as Breadcrumb, and goes for $99 a month per iPad terminal. Via Apple Insider, more here.
  • Gizmodo has some amazing statistics from Facebook – These include 1.13T likes, 140.3B friendships, 219B photos, 600M mobile users, and more. Via Gizmodo, more here.
  • Microsoft Office coming to iOS and Android in 2013 – Petr Bobek of Microsoft said that the productivity suite is on its way to the mobile devices by 2013. One of the problems with both the iPad and similar Android devices is the lack of a quality application for MSOffice creation. There are some which allow a mild amount of creation and editing, but nothing official. Via Apple Insider, more here.

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