Matthew Fogg a ‘First Responder’ at Ground Zero in New York City on 9/11

Chief Deputy United States Marshal Matthew Fogg was off duty and just 40 blocks north of the North & South Twin Towers of the New York City’s World Trade Center’s when both towers crumble to earth in a catastrophic fire and smoke-filled event. His eyes watered, knowing many American men, women and children were already dead or dying and calling for help.

True to his sworn oath of office as a U.S. Marshal and to the U.S. Constitution to protect and serve this nation against all domestic and foreign enemies, dominated his inner drive to save lives. Armed with extensive ‘SWAT’ training as a member of the U.S. Marshals Service, Special Operations Group “SOG”, Matthew made his way south against all odds and in opposite direction of thousands of horrified onlookers — to the area known as “Ground Zero”. He joined other responders in a life-threatening five-day search, rescue and recovery effort.

Later his picture recovering the body of a fallen New York City firefighter was featured in People Magazine (dated 10-1-01); Other photos and news articles were featured in the New York Newsday newspaper; the Columbia University’s Columbia Spectator news and a live interview (YouTube) with CNN Correspondent Paul Zhan. (Scroll down to see all photos, articles and YouTube links below).


SEPT 2001CNN Interviews Ground Zero First Responder Matthew Fogg

13 SEPT 2011YouTube > NASA honors 9/11 First Responder Matthew Fogg and Orbiting Space Station Astronaut – Commander Frank Culbertson, Jr.


NASA 9/11-Program – Matthew’s Written 7 Minute Speech

NASA 9/11-Commemoration-Program-Agenda


NASA 7-FT Color Banner Announcing NASA Event


NASA Program – 9/11 Still Photos

SEPT 2001“As Hope Fades, a Somber Search Goes on” – ‘Columbia (Univ) Spectator” news Interviews Matthew Fogg @ Ground Zero


OCT 2001Peoples Weekly’ magazine displays photo of Matthew Fogg & other ‘First Responders’ recovering the body of a fallen NYC firefighter


SEPT 2001Matthew & New York Fire Department Seach & Rescue First Responders


SEPT 2001Matthew & other rescue & recovery workers showing jubilation at the moment a NYC firefighter was rescued from the rubble





Matthew Standing In Front of Fire Station Shrine Honoring Fallen FireFighters From Same Station

TV’s ‘Amercas’ Most Wanted’ Host John Walsh Meets Matthew @ Ground Zero

Song Dedicated To Matthew & All 9/11 First Responders

Matthew’s BIO – Motivational Speaker > [email protected] and/or 240-375-3580 Cell

Retired Chief Deputy United States Marshal

National Vice President for Congressional Relations – Federally Employed Women “FEW”

2013 National 1st Vice President “elect” – Blacks In Government “BIG”

International EEO/Diverity Expert & Motivational Speaker

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