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Measuring Return On Investment (ROI) on knowledge management products?

Anyone know of a model or methodology for measuring ROI on knowledge management tools?

-social networking

-document management

-information management

-communications management

Preferably in the Public Sector but private sector will do.


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Srinidhi Boray

Are we asking the right question?

Every experienced human who participates in a professional sphere does so partaking knowledge. More complex the sphere of interactions that much more it necessitates for a systematic approach to capture the body of knowledge that is constantly adding in content / value in a living and thriving organization. Most tools in managing the tangible and intangible knowledge, is immediately productive. In lack of it, the lost opportunities are the ones that must be brought into considerations to measure the lost value. These tools are the basic facets.

Tony Wilson

Not sure I understand the public and private sectors of the gov’t. Is govloop public or private? Govloop is a subsidiary of govdelivery. http://www.govdelivery.com/
I consider govloop a social networking site and to some extent, communication management. I have no idea of how much has been invested, but I think the networking and exchange of information and ideas is worth whatever that cost is.
Perhaps these folks can weigh in. https://www.govloop.com/page/contact-us