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meritalk-logoIn this series of posts we are providing views on three key community-focused, virtuous collaborative venue that help the DC tech community exchange lessons learned and accomplish big goals. With this series we hope to provide insights you can use to make the most out of MeriTalk, GovLoop, and WashingtonExec. We selected these three because we have first hand experience with them all and have seen not only proof that they do good work, but proof that they really care about the community. These three groups add value to the people leading the technological components of our large ecosystem.

In this post we review MeriTalk

MeriTalk is a government IT network. They provide online and face to face venues where leaders from throughout the IT lifecycle can come together and exchange lessons learned, best practices discuss solutions to common challenges. It is easy to get the gist of issues they cover by a quick glance at their site ( but to get full value from this free to join site you need to login. Signing in is quick and easy, and that will give you not only access to content but an ability to publish your thoughts on the issues at hand. Technologists from government and industry can share stories and read the latest research.

As a government IT network you can tell they are rightly focused on the government thought leaders. One of the key ways they generate value for government technologists is by hosting “exchanges” These include topic-focused venue called the “Big Data Exchange” the Cloud Computing Exchange” the “Cyber Security Exchange” and the “Data Center Exchange.”

If you are a technologist one feature I highly recommend you to avail yourself of is the personal opinion piece/editorials produced by MeriTalk founder Steve O’Keeffe. I am continually impressed with the powerful thoughts in his periodic pieces. As technologists we need to focus hard on technology and how it really works and how it can disrupt business models to make positive change. But we also need frank feedback on what works and what does not work and we need to hear that from people who have the courage to tell us what they really think. Steve is one of those fearless thinkers who forms opinions based on facts and is not afraid to share them. Subscribe to his reports here: My Cup of IT

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