METRO – 06/22/09

Any opinions about a Federal takeover of the DC Metro system. So far, the problems have been delays due to brake issues, or tourists thinking they can keep the doors open by putting out their hands. But recently, its been derailments and crashes – today’s being the first I can recall in 30+ years that have caused fatalities not related to throwing oneself onto the tracks or being too close to the edge of the platform.

The Metro system is essential to making sure that the day to day work of any Federal agency in D.C. is done. Too much neglect is evident on a daily basis. Now, fatalities. D.C., Maryland and Virginia are too entrenched in parochial issues and bickering about the system – now, should the Federal government step in to make sure Metro runs safely and reliably? Am I wrong, or is this a huge embarrassment to the whole D.C. Metro area?

By the way… shouldn’t WMATA think about changing its notices regarding accidents – their email alerts referenced ‘mechanical difficulties’ and a ‘police situation’ for 6:07PM, 6:24PM, 6:26PM, 9:06PM and 9:26PM tonight.

Oh, and at 10:174PM, I received and email that “Disruption at all stations was cleared.” Thank you Metro, even your grammar is clumsy.

Just like the space shuttle – 1970’s technology needs a serious upgrade…

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