Microsoft shows off built-in Kinect, New iPad/iPhone rumors with release dates and more


Microsoft-WinVista-Button_rgbHere are the top mobile news and stories of the day.

  • Microsoft shows displays with built-in Kinect, predicts future laptop integration – Microsoft is showing off some displays with built-in Kinect capabilities. These could be very similar to today’s “SmartBoards” which are a mix of computer, whiteboard and projector, as well as much more. Moving motion tracking into the living room or computer could be really amazing, and have unforeseen impact. Via The Verge, more here.
  • Microsoft Adds Android Support To Windows Azure Mobile Services – Microsoft has been slow to enable Android integration on their Azure Mobile Services, a fact which must have angered many folks. However, now it is available on Android devices. Microsoft has actually posted the source to GitHub, which is open to any user. Via TechCrunch, more here.
  • Opera launches WebKit-based browser beta for Android – The WebKit engine is an open-standard engine available for web-processing. They have already released their first beta version, which is supposed to be both faster and more powerful. It also has a compressed “off-road” mode which offers web capabilities even in low bandwidth situations. Via Beta News, more here.
  • New iPads in April and iPhone 5S with better camera, faster chip in August? Details on the next generation of Apple’s mobile devices are starting to leak out, in the form of “rumors.” The most recent, proffers a new generation of iPads (regular and mini) in April, as well as an iPhone 5S in August. The 5S is thought to maintain the iPhone 5 form with upgraded internals. It’s unclear whether the new iPad Mini will be a Retina model, or Retina and non-Retina models may be released in 2013. Via 9to5Mac, more here.
  • GOWEX lighting up New York with free Wi-Fi – GOWEX is rolling out around 2,000 hotspots in New York City. They have a map, as well as a smartphone application which will allow users to determine if they have coverage. GOWEX will be offering speeds of around 1Mbps down, and make money via advertising. Via Android Community, more here.
  • New Apple patent allows users to control a device by squeezing the case – Too often, Apple files for patents that are either; a) obvious, or b) in common use (or someone else’s design). A patent regarding controlling a smartphone via squeeze? Well it’s neither obvious nor a copycat (but seems so logical in hindsight). It would be really interesting to see if Apple integrates this capability (and how it works), but you have to give them a little credit for some much needed innovation. Via PhoneArena, more here.

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