Minnesota Aims To Improve Education Via Accountability and Evaluation Systems

Deltek Principal Analyst Brian Coyle reports.

After the Obama Administration began an effort to offer more flexibility from federal education mandates in exchange for a commitment from states to boost overall student achievement, 11 states formally submitted requests to the U.S. Department of Education for waivers from key provisions related to No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
As part of their requests, the 11 states will:
  • Set performance targets to graduate students from high school ready for college and career;
  • Design locally-tailored interventions for schools instead of one-size-fits-all remedies prescribed at the federal level;
  • Measure school progress using multiple measures rather than just test scores; and
  • Have more flexibility in how they spend federal dollars.
Over the past few months, Deltek has highlighted several states which have submitted initial NCLB waiver requests, and this week will take a look at Minnesota. In its request, Minnesota mentioned a few IT-specific initiatives, including a plan to 1) Develop and Implement a State-Based System of Recognition, Accountability and Support (IT project A), and 2) Develop and Enhance its Local Teacher and Principal Evaluation Support Systems (IT Project B).
In its request, Minnesota said it plans to Develop and Implement a State-Based System of Differentiated, Recognition, Accountability, and Support (see IT project A above – there is no Deltek tracked opportunity which is related). The System will be designed to improve student achievement, school performance, close achievement gaps, and increase the quality of instruction for students. Minnesota said it plans to implement the Recognition, Accountability and Support System no later than the 2012-2013 school year.
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