Mobile BI for Remote Workforce Enablement

One of the imperatives for government agencies is to develop strategies to improvise service response time, reduce operational costs, increase employee productivity, and increased collaboration. In this new era, where workplaces is flooded with smart devices , tablets and employers open policy like BYOD ( Bring your own device) is common, adapting mobile enterprise strategy enables case workers, care providers etc. to be more close to their clients, reducing the waste and cutting the cost of operations.

One aspect of this change is mobile BI which is a whole new phenomenon to provide remote analytical access on smart devices and be “screen agnostic” to provide real time insights about their clients, claims, queries and verification processes to name a few to enable quick decisions. This is a major step towards workforce remote enablement and acceleration. Some of the key benefits could be.

  • The fact that field employees who spend most of the work hours with the client often complain that they do not have access to information in timely manner and this often leads to stretched work hours , lot of commute , errors and delays in process. Analytics at their finger tips will enable them to take informed decision.
  • Case workers who spent most of their time outdoors meeting their client and vendors require remote real time information to be able to server their clients in a better manner.
  • Mobile BI dashboards for senior executives enabling them to be “screen agnostic” while still get all the necessary information on time from anywhere.
  • This packaged solution could be integrated with various Case Management systems to provide quick insights on crucial real time information.
  • Will lead to Effective governance and better social program outreach and higher rate of client and employee satisfaction.

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