Modernism and Post-Modernism

ok, When I grew up, there were rules…We were masters of our craft, not a jack of all trades. Masters did the things they were good at and were called upon for advice. Life was simple and We were happy. That was Modernism. Today, the “rules” have changed, so much so that anything is possible, and everyone has access to the possibilities. Today’s expectation is that the possibilities are endless, you only need to dabble in it and the freedom is yours.

Wikipedia says…”Largely influenced by the Western European disillusionment induced by World War II, postmodernism refers to a cultural, intellectual, or artistic state lacking a clear central hierarchy or organizing principle and embodying extreme complexity, contradiction, ambiguity, diversity, interconnectedness or interreferentiality,[4] in a way that is often indistinguishable from a parody of itself. It has given rise to charges of fraudulence.[5]”

But, there is no fraud…and there is an organizing principle, It’s just a different one. Because all the possibilities are open to everyone, there are few “experts” anymore. There is a higher demand for the jack of all trades. Our learning now comes more from community knowledge base instead of from individuals. As part of that community, each of us has something of value to contribute. We might not know all there is to know, but we may have a tidbit that someone else may have missed. So, get out there and contribute to the community knowledge…and don’t forget…gurus are people, too.

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