More courts are looking to implement or upgrade e-filing systems

Deltek Analyst Kristin Howe reports.

Electronic filing offers countless opportunities for various types of vendors, and there is still time to get in the game. These chances exist not only for e-filing service providers (EFSPs), but also for more peripheral vendors who are capable of providing applications or extra security to the process.

Recently, there has been increased demand across all jurisdictions for electronic filing systems to help streamline court document processes and make records more accessible to parties inside and outside jurisdictions. Electronic filing (e-filing) allows clerks, judges, attorneys and anyone else filing court documents to do so online while avoiding the pain of driving to the courthouse and standing in line to turn them in. Everything from case initiation documents, summonses, complaints to payments, affidavits, pleadings and motions, through to verdict documents can be filed and edited online. This means courts now have the ability to decide whether they want or need to retain these documents in hardcopy format, which takes up space in courthouses and document warehouses, in addition to taking time for the court staff to maintain.

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