More CTO Humor: Jedi High is one of the most awesome Star Wars Spoofs


CTO’s love to laugh, right? And most all of us have developed a great respect for Sci-Fi, right? So that is plenty of reason for any techie to check out the clip embedded below.

But I’ll give you a serious professional reason to watch this as well. The video is incredibly well done, with great audio, fantastic costumes, great shooting/cinematography/effects and fantastic, professional editing. And it was not done by one of the studios. It was done by a group of hard working students at Oak Park High in Winnipeg, Manitoba. So watch it not just for the fun, but to underscore yet another impact of the consumerization of technology. Technology is enabling creative talents to flurish, and we are all benefiting from that.


Thanks Amy Ferris and Vincent Pearase and the great crew you assembled to make this possible. We all look forward to more in this saga.

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