Motorola wins again: county piggybacks off state contract

Deltek Analyst Joanna Salini reports.

As the FCC’s narrowbanding mandate approaches, states and localities are scrambling to raise funds to upgrade their outdated radio systems. The FCC sent warning letters earlier this month to those localities not yet in compliance with the mandate. Many counties and municipalities have not only been pooling together to share resources, but have also decided to piggyback off their current provider to avoid the bid process altogether. Recently, Westcom Emergency Communications decided to save time and money in this process by purchasing a $14 million contract directly from Motorola, the current statewide provider.

There has been much criticism surrounding Westcom’s decision, since many feel that municipalities should be bidding out these projects. Similar arguments arose after the Illinois state contract for the STARCOM21 public safety radio system was sole sourced to Motorola for $114 million.

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