MTA to add surveillance cameras to buses

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY) is outfitting another 341 buses with security cameras. Eight-five buses are already equipped with surveillance, and the authority will decide shortly whether to install cameras on another 1,100 vehicles. The cameras will store images for a month but will not feed information to New York City Transit’s command center in real time. “It will give drivers a sense of security, knowing that the entire time they’re on the bus, there is a witness to all activity,” said Ed Kenny of NYCT Bus Operations. Each bus has six cameras to provide views of the interior and the street. None of the cameras focuses on the driver and Kenny said that operators should not have any concerns about privacy. “The footage is not going to be appear on YouTube,” he said. “It’s only used internally, used by the police department if there is an incident.” Link to full story in NY1.

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