Nationbuilding as doctrine

“On War”, the posthumously published musings of General Carl Philipp Gottlieb von Clausewitz, a Prussian soldier who fought against Napoleon and who died over 160 years ago, still is actively cited in doctrinal perspectives on conflict. Stephen L. Melton postulates in his book “The Clausewitz Delusion” that around the 1980’s Clausewitz’ encroached on the prior successful military tradition and experience of the United States, causing a decline in the evaluation, study, and learning from our own experiences in favor of his.

The post World War II nationbuilding accomplished by George C. Marshall in Europe and Douglas MacArthur in Japan fed a hungry citizenry, restored economic and political stability, and resulted in durable relationships between former enemies. This was accomplished through the work of skilled military and civilian government employees specifically targeting such outcomes.

Are we the same kind of government and employees today, in desiring such outcomes, historically aware of prior circumstances ad actions that led to either success or failure, staffed and trained to execute the successful tasks and techniques, and structured and resolved to accomplish nationbuilding?

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After world war 2 most of europe and asia was destroyed and laid in ruins. They did not have the infrastructure to compete with the USA.

The USA was never laid to ruins because we are protect geographiclly by 2 oceans.

Today, The USA is not the same situation as 1949. Europe and Asia are industry giants. Asia manufactures and Europe has unionized. The contintents and countires on these contintents are economicly thriving compared to right after WWII. So, Bottomline, USA has much tougher competition that 1949. Most of our contactor are not Americans or immigrants. Most our fighting force are not the military but private contractors.

We need a different kind of government and employee with same fundenmental benifits and securites of 1950.

We need to more techonolgy advance citizens with the family values and prudency on spending.

We need to get rid of the Impoundment Act of 1974. This is why the govenment wastes so much money. Because, a individual can go jail, lose his job, and be reassigned if decided no with hold or defer funds which may not be need to begin with. Trust, in 1980 they re-codified the entire red book which for ever changes the way government and employee have to operate.

We need to start educating our men. Today, I think thier are more women working in goverment that men. Inaddition, women are going to college more than men.

Time have change and roles have changes in America. You can tell me if it is good or bad?

John van Santen

Europe and Japan are models that frame the central tenant of the post – do the present employees of USG desire nationbuilding? Are we aware of the specific circumstances and actions of historical efforts (i.e., Europe, Japan, Phillipines, Cuba, Mexico) and their outcomes as guides to present action? Are we trained, staffed, and charged to perform such a task?