New Book: Service-Learning in Design and Planning

Folks who are interested in the service-learning aspect of community engagement–particularly in the fields of urban design and planning–may want to check out this new book, “Service-Learning in Design and Planning: Educating at the Boundaries”, edited by Tom Angotti, Cheryl Doble, and Paula Horrigan.

“This rich collection of case studies by design educators critically explores the current practice
of service-learning in architecture, landscape design, and urban planning, radically revising the
standard protocol for university-community collaborations. The pedagogical framework
advanced by the authors offers a set of examples, ideas, and guidelines that will help
educators, professionals, and students develop a truly generative and inclusive design

How can the boundaries between academia and community be crossed, and the planning and
research goals of educators and professionals be integrated with the needs and aspirations of
the communities they serve? This anthology answers this question by analyzing the four major
challenges that service-learning practice is faced with: acknowledging “the other,” envisioning
tools for feedback and evaluation, crossing geographic and cultural borders, and
confronting the institutional and disciplinary boundaries that shape academic and professional
practices. An outstanding array of case studies from the US and abroad illustrate
possible answers to these challenges and emphasize the shift from planning and designing
“for” the community to working “with” its members.”

Contributing Authors: Keith Bartholomew, Amanda M. Beer, Peter Butler, Linda
Corkery, Pat
Crawford, Lynne M. Dearborn, Susan Erickson, Susan C. Harris,
Sally Harrison, Jeffrey Hou, Clara
Irazábal, Paul Kelsch, Zenia
Kotval, Laura Lawson, Mira Locher, Patricia Machemer, V. Paul
Poteat, Ann
Quinlan, Jodi Rios, Michael Rios, Joseph Schilling, Lynda Schneekloth,
Shannon, Lisa B. Spanierman, Jack Sullivan, and Daniel Winterbottom.

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