New CWM teased, BioHackers and more!

Rom Manager and ClockworkMod are two of the Android rooter’s best friends

Here are today’s top tech stories.

  • A new ClockworkMod recovery for Android has been teased. This one allows you to create flashable zips of your ROM and its ROM settings to share with friends. This will allow your tweaks to be shared among your friends (without risking your data). Via Droid-Life, more here.
  • Exogear is releasing a portable battery pack that has friends which when connected, double the available battery life. This device can power any USB device (even an iPad in one charge). It is $90 for the initial station and $50 each for the stackables. Via Gizmodo, more here.
  • We here at CTOVision believe strongly that the value of any mobile device is only part it’s hardware/software. Instead, the ecosystem has a lot to do with it. Brad Hill of Engadget explains just that, here.
  • An Android lover has created his own LEGO Android. If you want them to go mass production with one, check it out here. Via Rootzwiki.
  • IDC’s latest analysis has Android on 68.1% of new smartphones shipped in the second quarter. Android and iOS accounted for 85% of all smartphones in that period. Via Mashable, more here.
  • Ron of Droid-Life opines on why it matters that Samsung copied Apple, here.
  • NPD Group took at look at Netflix’s rentals and found that physical rentals still total 62% of all their rentals in the first half of 2012. I think that while they are still renting more physical media, the trend is inexorably towards streaming, which is more cost effective for everyone involved. Via CNet, more here.
  • Google is launching an experimental trial to include GMail results in their Google searches. I know that it’s already bad enough when the “omnibar” pops up with something from your history you aren’t sure you want shown, but my e-mail? Count me out. If I want to search my GMail, I will, thanks much. Via Phandroid, more here.
  • TechCrunch is reporting that Chrome for Windows is getting a stronger Flash Sandbox, which should cut down on Flash crashes by 20%. As an avid Chrome user, this is music to my ears, as Flash is often the most unwieldy part of my web experience (uh-oh, do I sound like Steve Jobs yet?). More here.
  • There is a new group of hackers out there, and they are hacking their own bodies. Check out this Verge report on biohackers, here.
  • We mentioned the other day that the founder of Best Buy was offering to purchase the struggling company. His apparent strategy? To cut prices and cost across the corporation. Via CNet, more here.
  • A study from eMarketer states that 26% of US consumers use social networks on mobile, and 85% of all that traffic is Facebook. Via TechCrunch, more here.

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