New Free Database of U.S. Court Decisions, Using RECOP Data, by John Joergensen

John Joergensen of the Rutgers Camden Law Library has created a new, free, full-text database of what appear to be all judicial decisions issued by U.S. state and federal courts from January 2011 to present: State and Federal Caselaw from the RECOP Project.

The database contains data from RECOP, The Weekly Report of Current Opinions, distributed by Carl Malamud‘s Public.Resource.Org. RECOP is a project of the legal open government data movement.

The user interface of the Rutgers-Camden RECOP database — which appears to use the Swish-e open source search engine — enables Boolean search queries and filtering by state or federal judicial circuit.

The Rutgers-Camden database appears to be the first system on the free Web to make use of RECOP data.

The Rutgers-Camden database is part of the Rutgers-Camden Digital Law Library, which Joergensen has developed.

Click here for more information about RECOP, from Carl’s post at O’Reilly Radar.

HT @jjoerg42.

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