New Guidance Document on Acquisition for Accessible EIT

GSA’s Section 508 program recently created a guidance document, “Guidance on Acquisition for Accessible EIT” (in PDF and doc format).

Federal acquisitions of accessible EIT (Electronic and Information Technology) are based on an agency or department having a detailed process for addressing Section 508. While the process can be quite involved for some acquisitions, it can be summarized in five simple steps for agency responsibility and regulations as defined in the FAR:

  1. Determine Need: Do acquisition deliverables include EIT subject to Section 508?
  2. Identify Requirement: Which sections of the Section 508 standard apply to each EIT deliverable?
  3. Conduct Market Research: Is accessibility information about EIT deliverables available?
  4. Assemble the Solicitation: What does the vendor need to know about my Section 508 requirements?
  5. Evaluate and Accept Deliverables: How can the Agency determine if accessibility requirements have been met?

The Guidance Document is a brief explanation of each step and the associated governing FAR language. You can submit comments here or on on the Accessibility Forum 2.0 blog.

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