New listserv started for D&D innovators in Greater Chicago

We wrote a month ago about the extraordinary work being done in Chicago to map the city’s D&D terrain, and to launch a new Community of Practice for dialogue and deliberation innovators in the city (see the report if you haven’t already!). Now, we want to let you know about the new listserv that’s been launched to support the Community of Practice.

Photo from NCDD Austin workshop 2010NCDD is hosting the listserv, and those of you in and around Chicago are welcome to subscribe by sending a blank email to [email protected]. You may also change your subscription preferences (e.g., request a daily digest, subscribe or unsubscribe) or ask to be added to additional NCDD discussion lists by emailing NCDD’s office manager, Joy Garman at [email protected].

The listserv was created to support the development of a local D&D community of practice which emerged from the UIC-IPCE project “Dialogue & Deliberation for Civic Engagement in Chicago”. All NCDD members in the region and others in/near Greater Chicago whose work involves dialogue and deliberation are welcome to subscribe and participate in the Greater Chicago Dialogue & Deliberation (ChicagoDD) listserv. Use it to share events, invitations, and news, and to ask questions or for advice related to dialogue & deliberation for civic engagement.

All messages will be moderated, using the NCDD discussion list ground rules as a general guideline – by either Janice Thomson, Kim Casey, or myself.

I’m excited to say that the listserv is already active, and it’s heartening to see a supportive community beginning to form!

Interested in building a Community of Practice in your city or region? Add your ideas via the comments below or email me at [email protected] and we’ll chat about what exists already in your area that can be built on.

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