New tool helps users visualize transit data

Want to know whether you can commute to that new job in less than 30 minutes? Mapnificent can show you. Developed by German software engineer Stefan Wehrmeyer, the application helps users visualize how far they can travel by transit or bicycle in a given time. The app uses transit data in the GTFS format to display locations on a Google map that fall within a defined travel time for a specific address. Currently in beta-testing, the app is designed for decision-making rather than trip-planning. Wehrmeyer writes in his blog: “I hope people use it to find the best place to live, work and meet and that they discover new things about their public transport system.” Mapnificent currently has data for 17 U.S. cites, along with locations in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Regarding accuracy, Wehrmeyer is confident that the 53% of the travel times are accurate within five minutes for Berlin, where he lives, and within 20 minutes 96% of the time. He is seeking feedback on the information for other cities.

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